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Are partnerships with third parties the key to developing your business?
Are you frustrated by the complexity in setting up these deals?
Yes? Blackrock will help.

It is not just what you do

By working on both pricing models and the negotiation process during the quote stage, we have helped a team of architects adapt their approach with prospects and existing clients.

"Since working with Steve, I have changed the way we show our customers the value we add, enabling me to secure higher value projects."

Justin Smith, Architect

We are used to the challenges of making deals work both large and small with a range of organisations.

With this breadth of expertise we can help you;

  • Identify what is important in a relationship
  • Define and execute a compelling negotiating strategy
  • Understand your real options to maximise your negotiating power
  • Communicate your offer powerfully to your potential partner and their customers
  • Ensure that the legal agreement matches the commercial intent

We have worked across a wide variety of projects including;

  • Ensuring that a new player in a market was not tied up by patent litigation by an established player.
  • Identifying new customers for a business-to-business services company and setting up profitable relationships.
  • Driving the partnership strategy for an e-commerce start up and negotiating key agreements with marketing partners and vendors.
  • Developing a negotiating strategy for the purchase of a competitor by a technology company.

So if you need help with your external partnerships from strategy development through to negotiation support and implementation, then contact us. We can provide you with a variety of services from training your team either on a bespoke or public course through to helping you "on the ground" with our consultancy services.