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Join us in October

The next public negotiation course will be held in Derby on the 9th of October. If you would like to join, please view the course details for further information.

Develop your skills

Our training is designed to improve the ability of your team to identify, structure and deliver strategic deals. Whilst we do cover the interpersonal skills needed to negotiate an agreement, our focus is on the commercial challenges. We look at how you can structure a deal and the effect this has on the deal's profitability, the negotiating strategy and the levers you can use. We provide attendees with a proven framework with which to manage the process. We also show them how to ensure that the legal agreement matches the commercial intent.

We have set up our courses to meet the different needs within a team. Starting with a one day introductory course intended to provide any member of a team with an understanding of the challenges and requirements of a negotiation. This course is designed to meet the needs of organisations where negotiators struggle to manage the process when other groups within the company do not recognise the needs of the negotiations and do not realise the importance of tasks assigned to them. So if your finance team are slow getting the numbers needed to evaluate a deal exposure them to the issues and show them how they can make a difference.

For core members of a negotiating team, we offer two courses to develop commercial negotiating skills using the 5ZÂȘ model.

A starter two-day course takes students through a rigourous approach to managing the attainment of agreement for commercial negotiations.

A three-day practitioners course enables deal leaders to explore more advanced issues. With the focus on role-playing, students can test their deal-making skills under stress conditions and explore different solutions to problems in a risk-free environment. We also show the participants how to use DryRunÂȘ to explore real-life negotiations as part of a team preparation.