Black Rock

Want to see if we can help?

Just get in touch and let's meet up. We can explore how we can help and you can see if you like our approach. Obviously will not charge for an initial meeting and our conversation will be confidential.

Work with us

We can help you deliver innovative partnership solutions through our consultancy team. Using our wide range of skills, including negotiation, marketing and commercial law, we will work with you and your in-house team to drive forward your project.

Do you need to establish a marketing alliance but are not sure how to make it work? Then let us help you define your objectives and establish a negotiating strategy. If you need more support we can provide a multi-disciplinary team with expert negotiators, relationship builders, lawyers and business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing professionals.

Our consultancy projects can vary from short advisory services of a few hours or days to putting a team together (integrated with client personnel) in order to deliver/complete a specific project. Many customers choose to use us either because they cannot justify keeping a dedicated "deal team" (project team) on the books or because the new deal is outside the expertise or capacity of their in-house team.

Often the projects we help with would otherwise be carried out/headed by a director of the organisation and the executive team recognise that this would lead to loss of focus in other areas of their business. Our role would be to prepare the way and carry out the leg work; leaving the directors to set the strategic direction and make the key decisions.